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Welcome to MR Digital

We are M.R Digital, the digital advertising agency you’ve been looking for. Based in Burlington Ontario, M.R Digital is a comprehensive all-in-one powerhouse that serves enthusiastic individuals, rising startups, and established businesses that are ready to go digital. Our in-house team of professionals is dedicated to the long-term success of our clients.


We are fast. We are creative. And we get the job done.

What We Do

We give your goals and aspirations shape. We organize those goals into achievable objectives through strategic planning and careful implementation. Through years of experience, we’ve fine-tuned a process that starts from creating road maps and ends with converting every visitor to a paying customer. In other words, we:



Our team at MR Digital starts by understanding the long-term goals of your organization and the short-term objectives of your marketing campaign. We do this in a number of ways including auditing where your marketing strategy currently is, analyzing your target demographic, and evaluating different communicational channels available.


We excel at strategy because our campaign are created, run, and modified depending on your needs. We come  up with creative ideas to ensure that your marketing strategy is aligned with your company goals at every step of the journey.


Implementation of the plan is just as important as creating the plan itself. We choose the best marketing strategy and pair it with the best communication channel to bring the right customer to you.  We are branding and advertising specialists who know how to deliver impactful results.


Everything in a business environment changes. This change is 10x greater on the Internet. What this means is the marketing strategy that was the best you had ever seen could become your worst performer overnight. In order to keep up with changing digital marketing trends, you need experts who know what sells and what doesn’t.


We promote actions that deliver results and eliminate those that don’t. We do things effectively and with efficiency - no wastage here.

What We Can Do For You

Our job isn’t over after we’re done creating your website. We’ll continue to run tests to optimize your site and manage and update website resources to keep you on top of threats.

We will also be auditing your website regularly to ensure that it ranks higher and higher until you’re on top


Online advertising has never been so accessible. But at the same time, it has become a bit more complicated. In order to squeeze the most bang out of the buck, you’ll need specialists.


Your content strategy defines when and how you reach out to your community. We help you plan ahead, keep your content consistent, and allign content strategy with a marketing strategy to achieve the ultimate goals.


Your content strategy needs to be on point - it’s the voice of your brand after all.

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Burlington, ON, Canada


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